"When Kacie Anning met Greg Daniels, creator of the US version of The Office, over breakfast in Los Angeles he discussed a futuristic comedy series he was developing. Several months later, Daniels made her the biggest offer of her career: direct two episodes of Upload, which had been commissioned by Amazon Prime Video." - Don Groves, IF MAGAZINE

"Making Greg Daniels giggle has been one of the highlights of my career." - FILM INK MAGAZINE


"Much praise goes to director Kacie Anning who infuses the scenes with nuanced authenticity, artful photography and is happy to draw upon subtext." - David Knox, TV TONIGHT

"In showcasing the specific fecklessness of life as an inner-city twentysomething, The Other Guy rings with an authenticity that makes the show’s messiness irresistible. If this truly is millennial life, Okine and co. make it appear shabbily charming." - Matilda Dixon-Smith, JUNKEE.COM


"Watching Hardball, there's a jump-started narrative more enjoyably brisk than most adult comedies; the show doesn't dilute what works for an adult audience, instead it finds a tempo and tone that zips along for a tween crowd." - Craig Mathieson, SMH



"I love this series. I think Kacie Anning is an amazing talent." - Margaret Pomeranz, FOXTEL SCREEN ON ARTS


"Superstar female comedy talent, unashamedly bold. This is the female comedy Australia needs." - Emily Verdouw, THE HUFFINGTON POST


"Australia's answer to Amy Schumer." - Missy Burrell, NEWS.COM.AU


"She’s brought more cool to the table, showing off her superb writing and directing skills, coupled with a wonderful eye for casting Aussie talent." - Rachael Oakley, LOST AT E MINOR





"Just so many kinds of perfect. A totally on-point take-down of Tony Abbott." - Meg Watson, JUNKEE